Live & Recorded Reiki & Wellness Seminars

The Stillness Within Reiki Seminar

Euro €30

  • Was Usui Sensei suggesting something greater in our practice?
  • What can we learn from his legacy?
  • How can we see Usui in ourselves?

All of this and tons more are covered at length in this seminar!


Shoden & Okuden Deep
Dive Seminar

Euro €50

  • Taking Reiki level one and two concepts way beyond what is traditionally taught
  • Learn and unpack tons of new approaches to your practice
  • Discover the real roots of Shoden and Okuden and learn how to teach this to your students.


Bruce Taylor in Meditation

Shinpiden & the Nature of Transcendence Seminar

Euro €50

  • Shinpiden – the master level – but what does that mean?
  • Is there something bigger than healing within Reiki?  Absolutely there is! 
  • Learn the deeper meaning of the master symbol and where the practice of Japanese Reiki REALLY is inspiring us to venture
  • In this 4-hour seminar, we are going deep into Shinpiden!!


Shoden, Okuden & Shipniden Combined Seminar Access

Euro €75

  • Shinpiden & The Nature of Transcendence
  • Shoden and Okuden Deep Dive
  • Gain access to BOTH seminars (over 8 hrs of teachings!) at a discounted rate

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Rethink & Release Stress Course

Any journey into health and wellness MUST first get a handle on stress. In this FREE course, I teach you the methods I used to finally RELEASE and HEAL from the implications of the Stress I used to hold on to.
To Your Health and To Your Wellness