Shinpiden and the Nature of Transcendence


In this seminar series which will span two sessions (each ~2 hrs in length), I will be taking listeners and participants deep into Shinpiden and we will explore together the master level and the nature of transcendence.  The seminar will be recorded and all those who are registered will have access to the recording anytime they wish to return to it!



Welcome to Shinpiden & The Nature of Transcendence!

In this seminar, we will take a dive into the master level of Usui Reiki Ryoho - Shinpiden - and seek a path forward...hoping to explore beyond the teachings and practice and perhaps to arrive on the other side of the self, and the other side of the practice of Reiki

Why is this being offered?  Well simply put, it was voted as a topic of interest in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Support and Community Group on Facebook (which you can join here if you aren't already a member).

I think the image here of Bruce Lee in the Hall of Mirrors is a very fitting image for this seminar as this is what we are aiming to explore.  The fragments of the self and the opportunity to recognize and transcend the limitations of the self and of the mind.

How is it that Reiki can take us here?

Reiki is a vehicle for change and a practice of stillness.  If we begin to see our practice of Reiki as one that is ultimately of stillness, then we will start to uncover the very friction within the self that is preventing us from arriving here in the first place.  Just as in the hall of mirrors...we are seeing the fragments of the self that need to be shattered in order to find stillness within.

Why is this important though?

Because Reiki is almost always taught from the perspective of doing.  Even at the "master" level, it is still a practice of performing healing.  It is still taught from the presumption of the self and the belief in the ability of the self.  But what if we could see our practice from the perspective of transcending the ability of the self?  Then where would we be and what would we teach?

During this seminar, we will come together twice - with each talk lasting ~2 hours
This seminar is open to Reiki teachers and students alike.  I am a teacher at heart and have been teaching for all of my professional if the following seems a bit too advanced I can assure you that it will all be delivered in a way that is easy to understand and integrate.

During our first session, I will discuss:

-- The context and function of the master symbol DKM
-- The orientation of DKM within the body, mind, and spirit
-- The connection between DKM and the first three symbols
-- The connection between DKM and the traditional meditations within URR
-- The connection between DKM and Pure Land Buddhism (which Usui Sensei was a lay monk)
-- The connection between DKM and other religious and spiritual practices

During our second session, I will discuss:

-- The nature and practice (or recognition) of transcendence
-- Explaining why transcendence is the true focus of Reiki (and why healing is just a byproduct)
-- Exploring the fragments of the self and why this is NOT a daunting task
-- How to surrender into the self...even if that seems daunting
-- The form and function of a zero point of awareness and why this is so important
--  How to teach this and WHY it is often simply not taught
--  The nature of a sustained practice towards neutrality and why this is so important