Shoden & Okuden Deep Dive – Exploring Beyond What Is Normally Taught


In this seminar series which will span two sessions (each ~2 hrs in length), I will be taking listeners and participants deep into Shoden (level 1) and Okuden (level 2) to uncover information and context that is rarely taught.
TIME AND DATE (Please note the first seminar has been rescheduled due to a family emergency.  Updated dates are shown below):


Welcome to A Deep Dive into Shoden & Okuden!

In this seminar, we will come together to explore the traditional Reiki levels one and two beyond what is traditionally taught.  This seminar is ideal for both teachers of Reiki and those who are new to the practice with the overarching aim of our time together to be one of exploration and the uncovering of new ways to understand the first two levels.

Why is this being offered?  Well simply put, it was voted as a topic of interest in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Support and Community Group on Facebook (which you can join here if you aren't already a member).

So this raises the question then as to WHY was this topic chosen from a list of many other topics?  To me, it is because there is often a lack of depth and breadth in the teachings of Reiki.  Often teachers can teach what they have learned, but going a step further and explaining these concepts and how they all interconnect, their reasoning, background, significance, methods and means of practice, etc.. these points are often overlooked or not taught at all.

So what will we explore together in this 4-hour seminar?

First 2-hour seminar focusing on Shoden:

-- An exploration of the hand placements and their connections to the organs, systems, and functions of the body
-- Advanced hand placement practice connecting systems of the body, the triple diamond system, and the energy movement throughout the body
-- Exploring the significance of the legacy of Usui Sensei with a focus on his time on Mt. Kurama and his 21-day fast
-- Clearing up misconceptions surrounding Usui Sensei, the lineage of Reiki, and the schools of thought within Reiki
-- An investigation into the significance of self-practice.  Discussing why it is important, how to teach it, and how to support yourself and others on their self-practice journey
-- Exploring what should be gained and what should be taught within Shoden

Second 2-hour seminar focusing on Okuden:

-- A deeper exploration of the symbols themselves in Okuden and the integration of the symbols for both self and client sessions
-- Exploring the hidden iconography and meaning within the symbols
-- Discussing other Reiki symbols and their importance
-- Focusing on the meaning and advancement of practice in Okuden
-- Understanding and discussing the importance of teaching Okuden to others
-- Viewing Okuden from the perspective of Usui Sensei and his initial teachings