“Deep Roots of Reiki” 


A spiritual tour to Kyoto, Japan
unlike anything else

 I am thrilled to organize this amazing pilgrimage to the birthplace of Reiki:

A 7 Day/6 Night Tour to KYOTO, JAPAN

19-26 April, 2024

👀👉 And GREAT NEWS – Currently, the Japanese Yen is at a
35-YEAR LOW! Japan hasn’t been this affordable since 1990!!🙏

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Young Woman Enjoying Japanese Countryside
Japanese Food with Rice
Buddhist Temple

Join Bruce Taylor for this amazing tour that includes:

  • 7 Days/6 Nights in the Kyoto area
  • Tours of Mount Kurama and a very special audience with the head priest of Kurama Temple
  • Tour of sacred Mt. Hiei with a private audience and training from an Ajari (the most senior monks on Mt. Hiei)
  • A magical tour of the Deep Kurama area – renowned for its spiritual heritage – where we will come together with Yamabushi to discover the mystical practice of Shugendo under the full moon and within the captivation of a traditional Goma ceremony (pictured bottom left)
  • Teachings from Bruce Taylor on Reiki, Spirituality, and Esoteric Buddhism
  • Reiki Share Evening with Komyo Reiki-Do Teachers and Students
  • Time to explore the beauty of Kyoto with its wealth of temples, gardens, and rich history

– The Goma Ceremony –
Will You Be With Us For A Similar Experience?

Tour Price: 3900 (EUR)
~ 4200 USD

Tour Date: 19-26 April, 2024

Location: Kyoto – Japan

Do you have questions about the pilgrimage?  Contact me via the form below, and let’s talk!

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  Deep Roots of Reiki Tour Itinerary

   The “Deep Roots of Reiki” pilgrimage – spanning seven days & six nights, including:

  • Two trips to sacred Mt. Kurama (the birthplace of Usui Reiki Ryoho), inclusive of a
    PRIVATE audience with the head priest of Kurama-dera temple (this has NEVER been offered to any tour!)
    – Together, we will uncover the mysteries of the Sonten Sect of Mt. Kurama, and we will learn of the rich esoteric spirituality of this mountain and further why Usui Sensei sought enlightenment here.  All directly from the head priest!

  • Full-day excursion to sacred Mt. Hiei – the birthplace of Pure Land Buddhism in Japan and home of the famous Marathon Monks – inclusive of sutra recitation and a PRIVATE audience with an Ajari (a senior monk of Mt. Hiei) taking place in a secluded mountain temple where we will learn about the Kaihogyo and the mysteries of Mt. Hiei! This has also NEVER been offered!
    – The Ajari are the senior teacher monks of Mt. Hiei and have likely completed the Kaihogyo (an extreme feat of endurance and austerity).  The monks who complete this are revered as living gods in Japan.  We will have an opportunity to learn about the deep spiritual practices of the country’s most sacred mountain from one of its senior teachers!  If you don’t know about the marathon monks or the Kaihogyo, you can watch a wonderful YouTube documentary on them here
    Or you can read a great article from the Guardian on them here

  • Reiki attunement, teaching, and practice on Mt. Kurama – the spiritual birthplace of Reiki and the home to the esoteric and mysterious Sonten Sect

  • A private and fully guided tour of Shogo-In Temple in Kyoto will be conducted by the head priest AND his son (who is the acting head priest).  This is the head temple for the practice of Shugendo in Kyoto and is dedicated to The Immovable Wisdom King – Fudo-Myoo.  Further, the temple is, most likely, currently CLOSED to visitors and tour groups – but we will have full access on this fully private tour!  This tour will bring us deep into the temple to explore the rich history of Shugendo with access that is NOT offered to tourists, and further, a tour from both the father and son has NEVER been offered before!


  • Full Goma ceremony at Sanzen-in Templesee Goma photo above – and similar to the Goma video from above

  • PRIVATE Goma Ceremony in Deep Kurama guided by senior priests from Shogo-In Temple and Yamabushi practitioners from the Kurama, Kyoto, and Hiei areas.  This will be a fully traditional Cedar Goma Ceremony led by the Yamabushi

  • Full temple musical performance by Hiroki Okano in Deep Kurama – See Hiroki-san perform at the Ladakh Shanti Stupa in Leh – India
  • Private ceremony at Fukuden-ji inclusive of a complete recitation of The Lotus Sutra – all set in Deep Kurama – an area well off the tourist map, yet it remains one of the richest spiritual centers of all of Japan
  • Full moon meditation walk in the sacred mountains of Deep Kurama accompanied by Yamabushi Mountain Monks
    – Imagine walking through the sacred cedar forests of the Mt. Kurama area, being guided by the light of the full moon.  Think how it will feel to know that you are likely walking on the same trail as Usui Sensei did as he went in search of his enlightenment – guided by the blowing of the conch shell horns of the Yamabushi as we resonate in deep peace and harmony with the trail, the mountain, and the energy of Kurama!


  • Reiki share evening with Komyo Reikido shihans in Kyoto

  • Time in and around Kyoto to explore everything this world-famous city has to offer


  • Ongoing teaching on Reiki and Esoteric Buddhist practices by Bruce Taylor paired with plenty of time to practice!


  • Two nights in rural, traditional Japanese homestays set back in the Kurama area – an opportunity to experience the tranquility of countryside living while focusing on our practice and investigation of Reiki and esoteric spirituality
  • All this and more, as there are still some very special guests to be confirmed!
  • The tour includes lodging, meals, and transport from April 24-26 during our time in Deep Kurama. Please see full details below

    Please note that this tour is a dynamic experience, and the above itinerary is subject to change without notice.  Additional opportunities for the tour may be added or modified at any time. 

Deep Roots of Reiki Tour Itinerary By Day

April 19th – Meeting at Yasaka Shrine – lunch – Private guided tour of Shogo-In Temple by the head and acting head priest of the temple

April 20th – Depart from Izumo – no – Okuni statue meeting point for Sazen-in Temple in Ohara – lunch – large Goma fire ceremony with Shugendo and Yamabushi practitioners from all around Kyoto – visiting the hidden Buddha statue – return to Kyoto for dinner 

April 21st – Depart from the statue meeting point for the first visit to Mt. Kurama.  Full day exploring the mountain from Kurama to Kibune with teaching and practice opportunities on the mountain.  Exploring Kurama-dera and the many temples on Mt. Kurama Lunch in the Kurama area

April 22nd – Day in Kyoto for optional visits to many of the UNESCO sites (Royan-ji Temple, Saiho-ji Temple) and options to explore as desired

April 23rd – Depart from the statue meeting point for Mt. Hiei and our private audience with the senior Ajari – full day on Mt. Hiei – lunch on the mountain.  With private teaching and a possible Goma ceremony in a secluded mountain temple set away from the Mt. Hiei complex.  Here we will learn about the practice of the Kaihogyo, as shown in the video below, the rich history and spirituality of Mt. Hiei, and the deity Fudo-Myoo and the austerity practices one may undertake to become a living god.👺 

April 24th – Second visit to Mt. Kurama – private meeting with the senior priest of Kurama-dera temple and tour of temple grounds that are off limits to the public.  👺 Here, we will learn about the mysteries of Mt. Kurama – why this mountain was once called “The Mountain of Darkness, Mountain of Light.” We will learn about the breakaway Sonten Sect and the mysterious main deity of Mt. Kurama and further understand why and what makes this one of the most sacred – and least understood – mountains in all of Japan
Walking/teaching audience with the priest as we traverse from Kurama to Kibune – depart for homestay in Deep Kurama – Full moon meditation walk in deep Kurama led by the Yamabushi monks. 👺

April 25th – breakfast in deep Kurama – Mountain walk led by the Yamabushi to the sitting stone meditation practice on the grounds of the sutra burial sites of Deep Kurama 👺 – traditional full Cedar Goma fire ceremony private just for this tour – joined by special guests Hiroki Okano for a musical offering – Lotus sutra recitation at Fukoden-ji temple and prayer.

April 26th – breakfast in Deep Kurama – depart from Deep Kurama for the UNESCO heritage site of Toji Temple in Kurama – final practice at Toji Temple and conclusion of tour ~ 13:00 (1 PM)

This is a rough outline and is subject to change, but all of the above has already been arranged and prepared.  

👺 – Denotes tour highlights that have NEVER been offered before to a public tour!

The Kaihogyo – A taste of what’s to come on Mt. Hiei

👺 The Mysteries of Deep Kurama await! 👺

Bruce Taylor teaching at the base of Mt. Kurama

Tour Refund Policy & Further Details:

The tour is strictly limited to 20 people.

It is the full responsibility of each tour participant to ensure any/all travel requirements are met:

Adhering to the tour refund policy as outlined below, please note that there will be NO refunds offered should an individual not be able to join the tour because of visa/document/personal issues that may arise beyond the dates set forward in the refund policy.  This is inclusive of personal injury or family issues that may arise.

Tour Booking and Refund Policy:

Tour dates: April 19-26 2024
Early Bird Pricing is open until 31st January 2024

Refund Policy Dates:


For all bookings (inclusive of full payments and deposits), the following refund dates will be observed:

Before Jan 31, 2024 – bookings (deposits and full bookings) are 100% Refundable

From February 1st, 2024 – to March 1st, 2024 – bookings (deposits and full bookings) are
50% Refundable

From March 1st until the tour – Booking is NOT refundable, AND FURTHER from March 1st – deposits for bookings will NO LONGER be accepted.

Because of the nature of this experience and all involved in planning this pilgrimage, the above refund policy timeline will be strictly followed, and exceptions to the above cannot be entertained.

What is included in the tour cost, and what costs are your responsibility?

Included in your booking of this tour via Rootsoflife.org  are the guiding and teaching services offered by Bruce Taylor and opportunities with special guests (i.e. priests, monks, musicians, scholars, etc) on the tour (when appropriate).  Further, this cost includes two nights’ shared accommodation (rooms sleeping 2 or 3 pax per room in traditional Japanese farmhouses) in the Deep Kurama area (24th-26th of April) as well as meals and transportation during our time in Deep Kurama.

Further, there will be a PRIVATE Facebook group established where I will share tour information and travel details and assist with your questions on accommodation and logistics. 

What is NOT included in the tour cost listed here at Rootsoflife.org?

You are responsible for:

  • Fees associated with our experience on Mt. Kurama (sutra copying, private prayer practice for Shoten) – estimated cost for this is around 25 EUR/USD/person 
  • Transport TO and FROM Kyoto.

  • Flights to and from your home country to Osaka or a point of entry of your choice into Japan (with further transport to Kyoto arranged on your own)

  • All transport costs within Japan (rail, taxi, bus, etc) – this is transport beyond the transport costs that are explicitly covered from 24-26 April

  • Any admission fees to any sites, temples, and any associated costs with all excursions beyond those which are either explicitly or implicitly noted from the tour and/or Bruce Taylor/Rootsoflife.org

  • All food-related expenses (meals, snacks, etc) – please note that the ONLY meals included in the booking price are those during the 24th-26th of April during our time in Deep Kurama.  All other meals and food-related expenses are NOT included. 

  • Travel insurance, medical insurance, or any other personal fees or expenses you may incur that are not directly related to the guided services as outlined in the section above.  It is STRONGLY advised that you purchase fully refundable flights and a comprehensive travel insurance policy that will ensure your trip costs can be fully refunded if the tour does not take place because of pandemics, acts of god, unforeseen travel restrictions, border closings, or any other issues that may arrise. 

    A General Estimate On Prices In Kyoto:

    GREAT NEWS! Currently, the Japanese YEN is at its lowest price against the USD in 30 YEARS!  And the YEN has fallen a further 15% since last year’s tour!  Your USD and EUR are going to go FAR in Japan! 

    Visa Fee: (USA, Europe, and most countries enter visa-free. Some countries may need to apply in advance; please check this list:

    General Transportation Estimated Costs:
    Osaka-Kyoto bullet train ~$10 each way
    Subway ride in Kyoto ~$1 USD per trip (depends on distance traveled)
    Bus fare ~$1 USD per trip, based on distance
    Taxi in Kyoto ~$10-15 USD depending on distance

    Entrance to most shrines (Mt. Kurama, etc) ~$5 USD or less

    Dinner out at a mid-range restaurant ~$15-20 USD
    Budget restaurant dinner (still amazing food!) ~$6 USD

    Onsen (public bath) entrance fee ~$7-10 USD per person and usually good for an entire day

    A rough estimate on all of the above might be around $40 USD/35 EUR/day for food, admission, transport, and general expenses. Slightly more depending on the quality of restaurants and transport used.

    As a very rough estimate for the total trip cost, you should budget between 6-7.5K EUR (~ 6500-8000 USD)  , which would be inclusive of all travel, personal expenses, and retreat costs,