Mt. Kurama Mountain of Darkness – Mountain of Light – Seminar


Mt. Kurama
Mountain of Darkness – Mountain of Light

Why this mountain and what was Usui Sensei seeking?  Was it just his enlightenment…or did he discover much more along the way?

June 10th & June 17th 2023
8-9:30 AM Pacific
10-11:30 AM Central
11-12:30 Eastern
17:00 – 18:30 Paris Time
20:30-21:00 Mumbai
22:00-23:30 Bangkok
23:00-00:30 Hong Kong



There are few mountains in Japan that are steeped in as much mystery and intrigue as Mt. Kurama.  Situated just outside of Kyoto, Mt. Kurama is well known within the Reiki world as it is the place of Usui Seisei's enlightenment and the birthplace of Usui Reiki Ryoho.
However, there is so much MORE to this mountain indeed...and it's secrets will help us fully understand why Usui Seisei chose this place for his spiritual journey.

The mountain is loaded with secrets, history, mythology, and lore...and it is all of this together that we must investigate and understand in order to better understand Usui Sensei's journey inward.

Within this seminar we will be journeying deep into the teachings from Mt. Kurama and I will be sharing much of what I've learned from my many visits to this beautiful and sacred mountain.

Some of the topics we will explore together include:

1. The rich mythology and history of Mt. Kurama in regards to the Tengu, Sojobo, the many deities of the mountain, and the asceticism practiced here
2. The religious and cultural significance of Mt. Kurama and how this not only shaped Kyoto...but also gave birth to Reiki
3. The mysterious past of Mt. Kurama, how it became it's own specific religious sect, and what secrets lie in its hills
4. Understanding how the journey of the mountain is the journey into the self
5. Learning this history to directly impact YOUR path with Reiki and how YOU teach to others

There is so much to discover here, and I'm confident that it will help you with your practice indeed.

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