The Science of Sound

Euro €333

The incorporation of sound into holistic wellness therapies is ever increasing and this can be a very powerful addition to your own holistic wellness practice. This course allows you to really dive int o the nature of sound, to understand how and why sound heals, and to further understand how this can all be applied to holistic wellness.

Guided Plant Medicine Practice & Integration

Euro €550

Ready to dive deeper into your meditation & wellness practice? 
This is a series of ONE fully guided plant medicine experience (lasting roughly 4 hrs) followed by 2 – 45 Minute Integration sessions for the experience.  

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15 Fully Guided

Euro €45

Just starting your meditation practice and does the thought of leading meditations seem daunting to you? 
I’ve had tons of requests for my fully guided meditation scripts to help out everyone in their own practice and I’m thrilled to offer 15 of my best scripts here for you to use! 
They are fully ready for you to rock your next meditation without the need to spend hours prepping and writing them!  

Distance Reiki Session

Euro €100 +

Are you in need of healing on a physical, mental, and/or spiritual level? Reiki Energy is not bound by time or space and healing can easily be done remotely with the same effects as if it were a live session.

IBS Course

Euro €150

The disorder can range from a mild annoyance to one that is completely crippling and there is little to no support from the medical world because we just simply cannot find a definitive root cause to treat…or at least this is what I was told…

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