Holistic Wellness Mentorship Single Call

Euro €125

Ready to take your Holistic Wellness Practice and Career to the next level?
Are you stuck with some burning questions within your practice or seeking to fill in gaps in your training?
A single 45-minute mentorship call may be all that is needed to unlock the next level in your career and practice and in this session, we’ll tackle any obstacles you have in your practice and/or modalities together


Holistic Wellness Mentorship 4 Call Package

Euro €333

Ready to take your Holistic Wellness Practice and Career to the next level?
In these mentorship calls, we will come together to help you deepen the practice of ALL of your modalities and clear roadblocks to unlock deeper personal and professional growth, bridge gaps in your training and understanding, and connect modalities together so you can hold space fully within your practice.


Reiki Master Mentorship

Euro €444

Calling all New and Seasoned Reiki Masters alike!  Reiki Master Mentorship is an opportunity to deepen and perfect your Reiki practice and profession by solidifying your knowledge of the practice and functions of URR.  We are going deep here folks into the depth of this beautiful healing art for the benefit of not just you, but also your clients, but further for the benefit of all things

My FREE Gift To You

Rethink & Release Stress Course

Any journey into health and wellness MUST first get a handle on stress. In this FREE course, I teach you the methods I used to finally RELEASE and HEAL from the implications of the Stress I used to hold on to.
To Your Health and To Your Wellness