Master & Level 2 Package


This package is for Reiki practitioners who have studied Reiki elsewhere and are ready to take their understanding and practice of Reiki and energy healing to the professional level. Within this course you will have a full refresh of your energy training and previous Reiki work and we will dive into the Okuden and Shinpiden content together.

With Okuden you will begin to expand your Reiki practice to then work on others and with Shinpiden you are now able to work professionally and train others on their way to becoming Reiki healers!

What’s Included?

Level 2 – Okuden:

-Learn how to strengthen and amplify Reiki Energy for Healing
-Learn how to balance and harmonize Reiki Energy for yourself and others
-Learn how to connect to Reiki energy to transmit over time and space
-Renew your focus and attention to the Reiki Precepts and dive deeper into their subtle meaning
-Explore deeper contexts and meaning of the Reiki symbols and their origin
-Further explore and deepen your connection to your own energy, learning to put the ego aside and just BE Reiki
– Learn how Reiki energy heals others and yourself at the same time
-Break down barriers of thought and distance, arriving at the understanding that we are all connected and we are all part of this energy

Master – Shinpiden:

-The Reiki master symbol and it’s deeper meaning, connection to the Kanji and the precepts, and how to use the master symbol in conjunction with the other Reiki symbols.
-How to preform Reiki attunements on others and how to teach Reiki to your students
-How to begin working professionally as a Reiki healer covering topics such as: Business Development, the energetic association of money, how and when to receive clients, where and how to set up your practice, and much more
-A deeper dive into personal meditation practice and your connection to the flow of Reiki (Chi) within and around you
-Methods to detach from the ego and maintain a state of BEING Reiki, not simply DOING Reiki

Enrollment in this course includes all course content (videos and manual), one individual or group support call per level (~60 minutes) in which the course content is reviewed with current course participants, and one individual attunement video call upon completion of each level (~15 minutes)