Holistic Wellness Mentorship


How many times have you been to a yoga class, or a meditation, or a Reiki session and the practitioner was totally passionate about the practice, but it was clear that they were not able to explain the HOW and WHY of the practice beyond a few surface level discussions?  If you are like me, then the answer to this would be something like "more times then I would care to count!"

Or perhaps you are starting out on your journey with your own practice and you are hitting road blocks in getting clients, establishing your presence, and getting out there and you need help. I was there as well, and I've been through it, and with mentorship I'm walking with you in your corner, supporting you all the way.

The world of Holistic Wellness is one that I so love working in, for one because it always challenges me to go deeper into the theory and understanding of the modalities that I love, and how to deliver those practices to more and more people.

Within every aspect of wellness (everything from student to practitioner) there is always two fundamental questions that we need to fully explore:

Why & How

And I sincerely believe that, as practitioners, we need to know how to answer these questions from any and all angles.

Clients are coming to YOU for help on their healing journey, and they are going to want to know Why they are here and How is this going to effect positive change for them moving forward.

To be able to hold space for our clients we need to be able to meet them where they are, to speak their language, and to deliver our practice in a manner that they can relate to and resonate with.

I am passionate about learning and understanding a deeper meaning to Holistic Wellness and the modalities that I teach and I am fascinated by the infinite ways that these modalities are linked to each other.

As a teacher at heart it is my aim to help YOU fully understand and link all the modalities that you are practicing and teaching to others.

Mentorship with me will help you to really dive into your modalities and understand them from entirely new and deeper perspectives.  It will help you unlock the connections between what you practice and what your students have learned, and it will differentiate you from the field. It will help you turn a critical eye inward to see how you can always refine your own practice and improve your business.

What does this look like?

Are you focused on Yoga but did your Yoga Teacher Training leave a lot of gaps in your understanding of the practice?

We'll fill in those gaps 

Are you a Reiki practitioner but confused with the differences between styles and practices?

We'll explore all this together

Are you a multi-modality practitioner and are looking to build your understanding of your practices so you can confidently and directly explain what it is you offer, how it will benefit the client, and more importantly; can you do this to the most difficult and skeptical clients?

We'll make your understanding of your practices bulletproof!

Are you just starting out on your practice, or launching your career in wellness, but not sure where to start, or how to overcome limiting beliefs and external/internal friction with your new career?

We'll tackle that together so you can shine in YOUR light!

Mentorship is booked in FOUR 45 minute LIVE, One-One calls with me per booking, with sessions being normally once per week. They are a minimum of four sessions because we need to go deep...Growth isn't a One Off!

In these sessions we will dive deep into your practice and begin to tap into the master practitioner that is just waiting to burst out!