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Are you in need of Reiki Healing but not able to see me in person? Reiki is not bound by time OR space and, thus, distance sessions are completely viable and, indeed, a very powerful experience!

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Do you need some Reiki Healing but cannot visit me in person?
Reiki energy is Universal, not bound by time or space, so sessions can be transmitted over distance and time without any issue.

Understand that Reiki is energy in action, much like a thought or the power of manifestation.  For instance, when you know someone is going to call you, and they do, or when twins can sense and feel the circumstances of their twins regardless of the geographic distance between them.

A distance Reiki session with me is 45-60 minutes, and we start by having a quick 5-10-minute Zoom conversation to set the session's intention.

From here, the participant gets comfortable and allows their body and mind to relax.  From my end, as the practitioner, I am solely focused on the client...so my mental and physical focus is on the client's physical, mental, and emotional bodies, much the same as if the session were to be live.

Distance sessions can be more powerful than in-person sessions as they remove the sensation of my hands moving on the client's body.  During a life session, regardless of how deep and relaxed the client is, there is a slight uptick in brain activity each time I move my hands as the mind tries to predict and then confirm where my hands are moving to and then located, respectively.  In a distance session, this uptick in mental activity is removed so the client can sink that much deeper into their Reiki healing experience.

I gently bring the client back into awareness at the session's conclusion. We then discuss their experience and help them understand what was released, what the individual felt, and so on.

I look forward to walking this healing path with you and experiencing Reiki together.

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