My Free Gift To You
Stress Reduction Course

My FREE Gift To You

Rethink & Release Stress Course

Any journey into health and wellness MUST first get a handle on stress. In this FREE course, I teach you the methods I used to finally RELEASE and HEAL from the implications of the Stress I used to hold on to.
To Your Health and To Your Wellness


Reiki Pilgrimage to Kyoto, Japan!

May 1-7, 2023



I am thrilled to organize my next pilgrimage to the Birthplace of Reiki via a 

A 7 Day/6 Night Tour to Kyoto, Japan!

Japan has now opened it’s borders fully and I am actively planning and arranging the dates for this amazing experience!  Dates and tour info to be shared in the very near future!

Spirit of Bali: Sacred Reiki Healing & Yoga Retreat

23-29 March, 2023


Bali: A place like no other.  Will you join me for 7 days and 6 nights of Reiki and Yoga infused Healing on this magical island?  I am excited to be offering this retreat via Tour Hero.  Please click the button below to be directed to the retreat landing page to learn all that is included in this amazing week long healing and restorative experience in Bali!