Reiki Practitioner & Student

Pilgrimage to Kyoto, Japan 

Accompanied by Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei

1st-7th MAY 2023

Will You Join Us In Kyoto, Japan
The Birthplace of Reiki?

 I am thrilled to organize this amazing pilgrimage to the birthplace of Reiki:

A 7 Day/6 Night Tour to KYOTO, JAPAN

1st-7th MAY, 2023

With Honored Guest  Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei
Japanese Pure Land Buddhist Monk
Founder Komyo ReikiDo
Internationally Renowned Reiki Teacher

Pilgrimage Webinare Replay

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Join Bruce Taylor for this amazing tour that includes:

  • 7 Days/6 Nights in Beautiful Kyoto, The Historical Capital of Japan
  • Pilgrimages to the Birthplace of Reiki – Mt Kurama
    (led by Bruce Taylor & Hyakuten Inamoto)
  • Reiki Practice, Discussion, and Attunement ON Mt. Kurama (at Osugi Gongen (Pictured Left) the Very Site Where Reiki Was First Transmitted to Usui Sensei)
  • Reiki Classes and Talks with Bruce Taylor & Hyakuten Inamoto
  • Reiki Share Evening with Komyo Reiki-Do Teachers and Students
  • Tours In And Around Kyoto (Mt. Hiei, Bamboo Forest, Temples and so much more)

Tour Price: €2,750
Date: 1st-7th May, 2023

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The following is a rough itinerary for your 7 day/6 night Reiki Pilgrimage Tour to Kyoto, Japan.  A full daily itinerary will be shared with all participants closer to the tour date, but the following will all likely be included and should give an idea of what you will experience during this tour:

  • Two trips to Mt. Kurama with both focusing on the practice, talks, Reiju, and historical perspectives on URR, led by Bruce Taylor, assisted by Hyakuten Inamoto.  We will hold Reiki talks, short trainings and attunements at Osugi Gongen – The very site of Usui Sensei’s enlightenment
  • Komyo Reiki-do group practice and Reiki Share with members of the Kyoto branch of Komyo Reiki-do
  • A three hour course on the practice and incorporation of Reiki Ryoho led by Hyakuten Inamoto 
  • A three hour course on non-attachment and non-duality within our Reiki Ryoho practice led by Bruce Taylor and assisted by Hyakuten Inamoto
  • A day trip to Mt. Hiei where we will dive into the historical context of Pure Land Buddhism and spirituality while linking it all back to Usui Reiki Ryoho led by Bruce Taylor
  • Time in and around Kyoto visiting the wealth of shrines, old parts of town, gardens, and onsens, and everything else that makes Kyoto such an amazing city. These are led/supervised by Bruce Taylor or you are free to explore on your own
  • To ensure a personal experience this tour is strictly limited to 30 participants 

    Please note the above is a rough itinerary only and is subject to change given the dynamic nature of the global tourism industry on account of Covid.  Every effort will be made to ensure that your time in Kyoto is maximized with regard to our focus of the pilgrimage

Tour Refund Policy & Further Details:

COVID Related Refund Policy:

Currently the borders are open to enter Japan, and are generally following pre-covid tourism requirements.  However the situation with Covid is still a dynamic one and issues could change anytime. 

Because of this, should the trip not be able to go ahead because of COVID related border closings or country specific travel restrictions your trip is fully refundable.

– COVID specific travel restrictions MUST be from OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT SOURCES ONLY (i.e. your country’s OFFICIAL Embassy in Japan or associated official sites)  – not travel sites or other sources.
Such information may require proof of restriction to be submitted for refund which is FULLY at the discretion of Bruce Taylor and 

– It is the FULL responsibility of EACH tour participant to understand and abide by the current COVID requirements to enter Japan.  Not meeting any vaccine or travel requirements as required by Japan AND/OR your home country on your behalf is NOT grounds for a refund of the tour cost.

Please note that tour refund is only applicable to COVID specific travel restrictions, NOT personal health or personal circumstance.

Some resources to help you understand the current travel requirements can be found at the following, however please check with your own country’s official pages as well:

USA Embassy In Japan 
Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Non-Covid Related Refund Policy

Tour fees paid to are refundable via the following schedule:

Prior to Dec 31 2022 – 100% Refundable 

From January 1st to February 28th 2023 – 50% Refundable

From March 1st until tour – Booking is NOT refundable

Because of the nature of this experience and all that is involved to plan this pilgrimage the above refund policy timeline will be strictly followed and exceptions to the above cannot be entertained.

What is included in the tour cost and what costs are your responsibility?

The cost listed here on (2750 EUR) is inclusive of the services offered by myself and Inamoto Sensei inclusive of excursions, classes, and guidance/classes during site visits, Reiki shares and attunements, and tour associated guided services. 

What is NOT included in the tour cost listed here at

You are responsible for:

  • Lodging (there will be a facebook group for the tour where tour participants may be able to connect to share lodging and reduce costs, understand that this is SELF ARRANGED

  • Arrival to your lodging and accessing your lodging (you will receive, prior to the tour, a packet of general information on Kyoto which will include how to arrive to the city via public transport from Osaka.  Arrival to your lodging should be straight forward and easy)  

  • Flights to and from your home country to Osaka or a point of entry of your choice into Japan (with further transport to Kyoto arranged on your own) 

  • All transport costs within Japan (rail, taxi, bus, etc)

  • Any admission fees to any sites, temples and any associated costs with all excursions

  • All food related expenses (meals, snacks, etc) – please note NO meals are included in the booking price from

  • Travel insurance, medical insurance, or any other personal fees or expenses you may incur that are not directly related to the guided services as outlined in the section above (What is Included.

    A General Estimate On Prices In Kyoto:

    Visa Fee: (USA, Europe and most countries enter visa free, some countries may need to apply in advance, please check this list:

    General Transportation:
    Osaka-Kyoto bullet train ~$12 each way
    Subway ride in Kyoto ~$1-2 USD per trip (depends on distance travelled)
    Bus fare ~$1-2 USD per trip, based on distance
    Taxi in Kyoto ~$10-20 USD depending on distance

    Entrance to most shrines (Mt. Kurama, etc) ~$10 USD or less

    Dinner out at a mid-range restaurant ~$20-25 USD
    Budget restaurant dinner (still amazing food!) ~$8 USD

    Onsen (public bath) enterence fee ~$7-10 USD per person and usually good for an entire day

    So a rough estimate on all of the above might be around $50 USD/day for food, adminssion, transport and general expenses. Slightly more depending on the quality of restaurants and transport used.

    As a very rough estimate for the total trip cost you should budget between 5-6000 EUR (~ 5000-5900 USD)  which would be inclusive of all travel, personal expenses, and retreat costs,