Plant Medicine Guided Ceremony – Amsterdam


Join Bruce for a ~4 hour journey beyond the veil as we are audience to the divine teachings and wisdom of both the grandfather plant (Mapacho) as well as the divine feminine (Marijuana)

DATE & Time:
September 23rd  17:00 – 22:00

Location: Amsterdam, Venue TBC


Join me as we embark on a fully guided plant medicine ceremony and learn how to venture beyond the veil to unlock your full potential.

Combining the powerful healing energies of both the sacred grandfather plant (Mapacho - Amazonian Tobacco) and the divine feminine (Marijuana) is a powerful journey of connection both to the self and the divine.

In this ~4 hour experience each guest will be led through a spiritual connection to each sacred medicine, and guided through an unfolding journey of discovery as we learn to listen to the wisdom of the Mapacho and dance with the flow of Marijuana.

It is said that all plants crave the energy of Mapacho and with it, each particular plant is further able to show it's full healing potential.  The combination of Mapacho and Marijuana will help each practitioner understand this sacred union and, via guidance, the journey will unfold to teach you exactly what you are seeking.

This journey will likely:

- Be a deeply healing experience
- Help you unlock further insight into your path and journey in life
- Facilitate connections to the divine (in whatever way that resonates with you)
- Work to establish a sacred relationship with both plants so that you may continue your relationship with them post-ceremony

This ceremony is only open to individuals with a history of Marijuana consumption.  No previous meditation experience is necessary.

Each participant must bring their own Marijuana (not included in the ceremony) as each strain may have particular and different impacts on each individual.  Consumption will be by a personal vape or smoking (taking place outside the venue).

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