Plant Medicine Experience and Integration Sessions


One fully guided Plant Medicine Experience
Two 45 minute private post session integration calls

The integration of plant medicine into your holistic wellness journey will, no doubt, unlock new and deeper avenues of healing.

I have been integrating plants into my personal and professional practice for many years and the impact that it has had both on myself and with my clients is profound.
It is not an exaggeration to say that within this experience you may uncover and work through that which would take years to accomplish in therapy.


Because plants allow the rational or ego-driven mind to finally take a back seat and you are able to reside with your inner, true self, for the duration of the experience.

Imagine an opportunity where you are able to finally understand, objectively, the nature of your difficulties in life.  Reaching far beyond the story and the belief, with the successful integration of plants we are able to be with the true nature of your journey and learn from it.

We are finally able to see our way forward...We are finally able to unlock the truth within that is buried behind all the noise.

With this package, we will come together for ONE fully guided plant experience in which I will:

-Teach you how to hold space, ceremony, and respect for the plant
-Be with you as you embark on your journey and remain with you LIVE (via Zoom) throughout your experience
-Ensure that the practice is conducted in a way to minimizes any potentially difficult experiences while at the same time guiding you into a deep union with the plant itself to maximize your positive experience

Following our experience we will then come together for an additional 2 LIVE integration sessions.
Each session will be 45 minutes and we will use this time to explore the knowledge gained from your experience as well as setting a path forward to help you integrate your experience and make immediate and positive impacts in your life.

PLEASE NOTE: If anyone has a personal or family history of mental disorders, high blood pressure, or any other pressing health conditions, you will not be allowed to embark on this journey.  We will discuss this prior to the experience and you will have to fill out an intake form prior to our experience.

We will focus on the following plant medicines:
-Rapeh (Amazonian Tobacco used as a snuff and inhaled into the sinuses) 

All plants will be the responsibility of the participant to procure.  I will NOT be providing any advice on how to procure these, nor will I assist in procuring these.  All substances will be consumed off-camera and in your own privacy, and we will come together post-consumption ONLY. This is a meditation and therapeutic experience ONLY, it is your responsibility to understand and abide by all applicable laws and regulations regarding these substances.

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