The Science of Sound – Sound Healing Certification Course – Menorca


Become a certified sound practitioner and learn to incorporate sound into your wellness offerings

The Science of Sound
Sound Healing Certification Course

LIVE IN Menorca, Spain – November 30th, 2024


The Science of Sound
Sound Healing Certification Course

LIVE IN Menorca, Spain - November 30th, 2024

10:00 - 18:00, inclusive of lunch break

The incorporation of sound into holistic wellness therapies is increasing, and this can be a very powerful addition to your own holistic wellness practice, be that professional or private. This course allows you to really dive into the nature of sound, understand how and why sound heals, and further understand how this can all be applied to holistic wellness.

I developed this course after being a sound practitioner for many years, and my aim is to ensure that you understand the HOWS and WHYS of Sound Healing. I want you to be able to confidently and directly explain to your clients WHAT they will get out of a session with you, HOW it will help them, and WHY Sound interacts with the body as it does.


  • Learn the HOWS, WHYS, and WHATS to Sound Healing
  • A Deep Dive into the nervous systems of the body
  • The Science behind Sound as Energy
  • Sound and the Chakras
  • How to understand and work directly with the Chakras by learning the emotions, organs, ages, elements, and meaning of each Chakra
  • Sound and the connection to health and/or disease
  • The Energetic Signature of Frequencies
  • How to incorporate sound into your holistic wellness (meditation, yoga, mindfulness, etc) Reiki practices
  • The nature of Energy as a whole and how this relates to URR
  • How to use sound to cultivate nonduality
  • The nature of waves in color, sound, and healing
  • The impact of Sound on the systems of the body
  • Where and how to source instruments (without getting ripped off, which will more than pay for the course itself!) and how to use them for healing successfully
  • How to identify different singing bowls
  • How to Play different instruments within various settings (Reiki sessions, meditations, etc)

This course includes the course manual and access to the online version, which includes all previous course lessons and materials.
Which you can check out here:

You will have access to any future updates to the course manual and unlimited access to the course recording, so you can always refer back to it along your journey for reference or for further assistance.  The training and support also continue the POST course, as I can always answer questions and provide support.  My goal is to walk with you until you are competent as a sound healer/practitioner/teacher yourself, and you can confidently and fully explain how sound heals and incorporate it into your holistic wellness practice.

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