15 Fully Guided Meditation Scripts


Are you new to leading your fully guided meditations or looking to mix up your offerings?

Leading meditations, for the first time, or after many sessions…can always be a daunting task indeed. 

Where do I start?  What language should I use?  How about pacing and movement through the session?  Or how to keep things fresh for my clients?

I get it as I’ve been through all of these issues and in thinking back on my first meditations I’m sure they were more than bumpy to say the least! 

Having a script with you not only helps you hold space more effectively for your clients, but it also can help to take care of the pacing of the experience and keep your confidence as you guide your clients through the meditation. 

But here’s the thing….writing a great script takes a LOT of time…and your time is valuable…never forget that! 

I’ve had a lot of requests for guidance with script development with my clients as well as straight requests for my scripts so I’ve put together this package of

My 15 favorite FULLY GUIDED and Paced Meditation Scripts

All you have to do is print them out and your set! 

All scripts are available as PDF, WORD, & TXT files so you can feel free to just print them out and run with them as they are or to easily edit them to meet your specific needs. 

With these 15 scripts you are getting over 7.5 hours of Fully Guided Meditations to help you easily and effortlessly launch your meditation offerings OR to mix things up for your clients

Scripts include:

  • 5 Minute Simple Breathing Meditation
  • Third Eye Opening Meditation 
  • Body Scan Meditation
  • Full body Breathing Bodyscan Practice
  • Fully Guided Breathwork Meditation 
  • Guided Meditation To Release Stress and Anxiety
  • Heart Chakra Opening Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Inner Child Meditation
  • Long Guided Energy Healing Breathwork Meditation 
  • Root Chakra Meditation for Fear and Anxiety Release
  • Sacral Chakra Opening Meditation
  • Singing Bowl Meditation Instructions and Guidance
  • Stress Reduction Meditation 
  • Ujjayi Breathing Practice 
  • Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation (The Yoga of Sleep)

I’ve had tons of requests for guidance and support with meditation scripts and so I’ve put together 15 of my most popular scripts here for you to use!

I get it…running a meditation is not an easy process…especially when we are starting out with our first few sessions!
Holding space for people, keeping pace and timing…it can seem daunting indeed

In thinking back to some of my first meditations I know they were shaky at best indeed!

That’s why I’ve put this package together here for all of you to utilize in your own guided meditation.

These 15 fully guided scripts are ready for you right now to be used directly…or you can modify the scripts to meet your specific needs.

These 15 scripts represent over 7+ HOURS of guided meditations ready for you to fully integrate right now into your practice!  Simply get everyone in and on the mat and begin reading!

No need to write them out or plan…no nerves during the session…just you knocking your mediations out of the park!

Meditation scripts include:

Loving Kindness Heart Opening Meditation (~20 minutes)
Inner Child Connection Meditation (~30 minutes)
Simple and Quick Guided Breathwork Meditation (~5-10 minutes)
Third Eye Opening and Activation Meditation (~30 minutes)
Complete Body Scan Meditation (~20 minutes)
Quick Full Body Breathwork and Scan (~10 minutes)
Fully Guided Breathwork Meditation (~20 minutes)
Stress Reduction and Release Guided Meditation (~45 minutes)
Energy Healing Guided Full Body Meditation (~60 minutes)
Root Chakra Grounding and Connection Meditation (~45 minutes)
Sacral Chakra Opening And Flow Meditation (~30 minutes)
Guided Crystal Singing Bowl Instructions For Sound Bath (~45 minute session)
Quick Stress Reduction Meditation Practice (~10 minutes)
Ujjay Breathing Meditation Practice (~10 minutes)
Yoga Nidra – The Yoga of Sleep – Fully Guided Practice (~65 minutes)

Samples from the scripts:

Inner Child Script:

We began to turn inward and to make contact with that child. 
And so keeping our awareness here I want you to imagine a door
I want you to begin to picture every aspect of that door. Picture every aspect of how it looks. Its texture, its color. The handle perhaps see it vividly with the mind’s eye.
(pause 60 seconds)
And behind that door is your inner child waiting to greet you, to communicate with you, to be with you.
And so here as we begin to journey into this inner child connection, I invite you to ask yourself permission to bring this inner child into this experience by just simply repeating the following three times.
To my beloved inner child, my inner self. I invite you and welcome you into this practice and to emerge through that door at your own pace and at your own time. With complete freedom of choice.
I invite you and welcome you into this practice and to emerge to that door at your own pace and at your own time with complete freedom of choice. 

Heart Opening Loving Kindness:
Bring everything into the heart center itself with the image of the heart perhaps the organ or perhaps the color green which is the color of the heart chakra or perhaps with the sensation of just the heart beating if visualizations are difficult for you. All of these have the focus on the heart
(pause 2 minutes)
and now we invite in our mantra for this meditation by repeating now three times.
I love you
I love you.
I love you
and just sitting and witnessing this feeling here for a few minutes, all awareness thing on the heart
and all awareness picking up the response to the statement of I Love You