15 Fully Guided Meditation Scripts


15 Fully Guided & Fully Editable Meditation Scripts ready to assist you in your practice!


Are you new to leading your fully guided meditations or looking to mix up your offerings?

Leading meditations for the first time or after many sessions…can always be daunting. 

Where do I start?  What language should I use?  How about pacing and movement throughout the session?  Or how to keep things fresh for my clients?

I get it as I’ve been through all of these issues and in thinking back on my first meditations I’m sure they were more than bumpy, to say the least! 

Having a script with you not only helps you hold space more effectively for your clients, but it also can help to take care of the pacing of the experience and keep your confidence as you guide your clients through the meditation. 

But here’s the thing….writing a great script takes a LOT of time…and your time is valuable…never forget that! 

I’ve had a lot of requests for guidance with script development with my clients as well as straight requests for my scripts so I’ve put together this package of

My 15 favorite FULLY GUIDED and Paced Meditation Scripts

All you have to do is print them out and you are set! 

All scripts are available as PDF, WORD, & TXT files so you can feel free to just print them out and run with them as they are or to easily edit them to meet your specific needs. 

With these 15 scripts, you are getting over 7.5 hours of Fully Guided Meditations to help you easily and effortlessly launch your meditation offerings OR to mix things up for your clients

Scripts include:

  • 5 Minute Simple Breathing Meditation
  • Third Eye-Opening Meditation 
  • Body Scan Meditation
  • Full body Breathing Bodyscan Practice
  • Fully Guided Breathwork Meditation 
  • Guided Meditation To Release Stress and Anxiety
  • Heart Chakra Opening Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Inner Child Meditation
  • Long Guided Energy Healing Breathwork Meditation 
  • Root Chakra Meditation for Fear and Anxiety Release
  • Sacral Chakra Opening Meditation
  • Singing Bowl Meditation Instructions and Guidance
  • Stress Reduction Meditation 
  • Ujjayi Breathing Practice 
  • Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation (The Yoga of Sleep)