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Rethink & Release Stress Course

Any journey into health and wellness MUST first get a handle on stress. In this FREE course, I teach you the methods I used to finally RELEASE and HEAL from the implications of the Stress I used to hold on to.
To Your Health and To Your Wellness


Live Reiki Discussion

Euro €30

Join Bruce Taylor monthly as he sits down to take a deep dive into topics within Usui Reiki Ryoho and Holistic Wellness. Each monthly call will have two components, a live discussion led by Bruce and then a Q&A which will focus on the presented topic but also will have space for expansions beyond the focus of the talk.
Members will have lifetime access to each of the months where they attend and recordings of each call will be replayable within rootsoflife.org

Global Reiki Share


Join Bruce Taylor weekly as he comes together to offer a FREE global Reiki Healing Circle.

Timing for the Reiki Share:

Global practice will be each Thursday at:
10 AM Pacific (USA)
12 PM Central (USA)
1 PM Eastern (USA)
5PM London
6PM (Paris)
12 AM (Hong Kong) 

Holistic Wellness Mentorship

Euro €333

How many times have you been to a yoga class, or a meditation, or a Reiki session and the practitioner was totally passionate about the practice, but it was clear that they were absolutely lacking in the ability to explain the HOW and WHY of the practice?  If you are like me, then the answer to this would be something like “more times then I would care to count!”

Reiki Master Mentorship

Euro €444

I am a strong believer that we are not judged as a practitioner by our level or our lineage, but rather, we are respected as a practitioner because of our own depth of knowledge and our own journey with Reiki.  This is a journey of evolution and personal growth.  It is a journey of discovery, of difficulty, and of victory.  It is a road that can be bumpy at times, while other times it is smooth sailing.  Regardless of where you are, it is still a journey and it is still one that revolves around personal evolution.


I’ve started my Reiki Level I training with Bruce in Hong Kong and was impressed by his extended knowledge and passion and his ability and style to explain energy and healing in a very accessible way. Striking a balance between what can be scientifically explained and what is more beyond such levels of understanding.
Bruce is a lovely, authentic, genuine caring and very respectful person, with a good level of humor, taking the time to listen, explain and give guidance. I feel very grateful that our paths in life have crossed.


I am absolutely amazed by the work of Bruce. You can directly feel how passionate he is about energy work. And even though everyone can do Reiki, I think of him as a very talented and experienced practitioner. He is also happy to give you more information about his work and can explain it thoroughly.
Bruce has a very calming and positive aura enhancing an even more powerful and profound process. Thank you so much Bruce!


I attended the level one reiki course live with Bruce. He covered a huge amount of information in a very structured and ordered way. I loved the way he was able to strike a balance between between being scientific and intuitive when communicating the material. Bruce has a very engaging and warm manner. A natural healer and teacher-it was a true pleasure to be part of his course.


I have been fortunate enough to have my Level 1 and 2 Reiki trainings taught by Bruce who is always very patient and open to any questions or provide support every step of the way, making Reiki accessible to those willing to embrace this journey. He has a sincere desire to help others and an obvious passion for it which comes through in the discussions, materials and his teaching style. One of the best things about Bruce is the fact that he takes the time to explain things scientifically for things that are beyond our level of understanding. He is well trained and experienced in healing and practices regularly. I highly recommend him for his professional and passionate approach and helping us grow and be confident to continue our healing work.