Reiki Level One – Shoden

Euro €333 (~$2600 HKD)

I’m thrilled to be offering Reiki Level One again LIVE and IN PERSON in Hong Kong!  
Will you join me

February 4th, 2023 

For this, my first LIVE Reiki Level One course in Hong Kong in years? 

Location in CENTRAL, TBC 

Reiki Level Two – Okuden

Euro €333 (~$2600 HKD)

I’m thrilled to be offering Reiki Level TWO again LIVE and IN PERSON in Hong Kong!
Will you join me

March 4th, 2023

For this, my first LIVE Reiki Level TWO course in Hong Kong in years?

Location in CENTRAL, TBC

Reiki Level Three – Shinpiden/Master

Euro €888 (~7100 HKD)

I’m thrilled to be offering my Reiki Master Training again LIVE and IN PERSON in Hong Kong!
Will you join me

April 8th, 2023
April 22nd 2023

For this, my first LIVE Reiki Master course in Hong Kong in years?

Location in CENTRAL, TBC

Enrollment in ALL 

Euro €1300 (~10500 HKD)

I’m thrilled to be offering my trainings LIVE and In Person again in Hong Kong
Will you join me on all the following dates:

Level One
(February 4th)

Level Two
(March 4th)

Master Level
(April 8th & 22nd)

This option gives discounted access to ALL of my LIVE trainings this spring in Hong Kong at a savings of over 250

Location in CENTRAL, TBC


Live and Recorded
Reiki Seminars

Join me for my past and upcoming seminars focusing on topics within Reiki and Holistic Wellness.  These seminars are an opportunity for a deep investigation into our practices and topics within our practices. 
These seminars are ideal for both teachers and students alike.  
Seminars are first offered LIVE via zoom and then all those enrolled into a particular seminar will have access to the recording of the seminar to return to when needed.  

Global Reiki Circle


Join Bruce Taylor weekly as he comes together to offer a FREE global Reiki Healing Circle.  Circles are recorded and available to all enrolled 

Circle is LIVE each Thursday at:
9 AM Pacific (USA)
11 AM Central (USA)
12 PM Eastern (USA)
5PM London
6PM (Paris)
22:30   (Mumbai)
0000   (Bangkok)
0100    (Hong Kong)


Holistic Wellness Mentorship

Euro €333

Ready to take your Holistic Wellness Practice and Career to the next level?
In these mentorship calls we will come together to help you deepen the practice of ALL of your modalities and clear roadblocks to unlock deeper personal and professional growth, bridge gaps in your training and understanding, and connect modalities together so you can hold space fully within your practice.


Reiki Master Mentorship

Euro €444

Calling all New and Seasoned Reiki Masters alike!  Reiki Master Mentorship is an opportunity to deepen and perfect your Reiki practice and profession by solidifying your knowledge of the practice and functions of URR.  We are going deep here folks into the depth of this beautiful healing art for the benefit of not just you, but also your clients, and All Things

Client Testimonials

I’ve started my Reiki Level I training with Bruce in Hong Kong and was impressed by his extended knowledge and passion and his ability and style to explain energy and healing in a very accessible way. Striking a balance between what can be scientifically explained and what is more beyond such levels of understanding.
Bruce is a lovely, authentic, genuine caring and very respectful person, with a good level of humor, taking the time to listen, explain and give guidance. I feel very grateful that our paths in life have crossed.


I am absolutely amazed by the work of Bruce. You can directly feel how passionate he is about energy work. And even though everyone can do Reiki, I think of him as a very talented and experienced practitioner. He is also happy to give you more information about his work and can explain it thoroughly.
Bruce has a very calming and positive aura enhancing an even more powerful and profound process. Thank you so much Bruce!


I attended the level one reiki course live with Bruce. He covered a huge amount of information in a very structured and ordered way. I loved the way he was able to strike a balance between between being scientific and intuitive when communicating the material. Bruce has a very engaging and warm manner. A natural healer and teacher-it was a true pleasure to be part of his course.


I have been fortunate enough to have my Level 1 and 2 Reiki trainings taught by Bruce who is always very patient and open to any questions or provide support every step of the way, making Reiki accessible to those willing to embrace this journey. He has a sincere desire to help others and an obvious passion for it which comes through in the discussions, materials and his teaching style. One of the best things about Bruce is the fact that he takes the time to explain things scientifically for things that are beyond our level of understanding. He is well trained and experienced in healing and practices regularly. I highly recommend him for his professional and passionate approach and helping us grow and be confident to continue our healing work.


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