Usui Reiki Okuden – Level Two

Take your Reiki Journey to the next level with Okuden – The Inner Truth – of Reiki

As this is the self paced course – all students will receive one 45 minute one-one support/attunement call at the end of the course.  
This call does not expire. 

Within this powerful online training you will learn the first three symbols of Usui Reiki Ryoho which allow you to begin healing others, both in person and over distance

Within this training you will:

  • Learn how to strengthen and amplify Reiki Energy for Healing
  • Learn how to balance and harmonize Reiki Energy for yourself and others
  • Learn how to connect to Reiki energy to transmit over time and space
  • Renew your focus and attention to the Reiki Precepts and dive deeper into their subtle meaning
  • Explore deeper contexts and meaning of the Reiki symbols and their origin
  • Further explore and deepen your connection to your own energy, learning to put the ego aside and just BE Reiki
  • Learn how Reiki energy heals others and yourself at the same time
  • Break down barriers of thought and distance, arriving at the understanding that we are all connected and we are all part of this energy
  • Full certification, course videos, and course material included as well as continued support via Text/Video conferencing. Incorporation into WhatsApp/Facebook Usui Reiki groups for further support included with the course as well.


  • Beginner

Welcome to Level 2

  • Your Okuden Manual
  • Meaning of Okuden
  • History of Reiki

Cho Ku Rei

Sei Hi Ki

Hon Jah Ze Sho Nen

Concluding Thoughts on the Symbols

Healing Yourself and Others

Inward Focus

Internal vs External Environment


Using Symbols During Healing

Meditations within Okuden

How To Tell If Reiki Is Working

All Okuden Symbols Connected

Connecting The First Three Symbols and Meditations

Still Mind