Usui Reiki Master – Shinpiden

  • Course level: Expert
  • Last Update September 22, 2021


Welcome to Shipiden, the Master level training for Usui Reiki Ryoho.
Within this powerful training, which spans ~2 months, individuals will diver much deeper into the practice of Reiki, not only as an energy healing modality, but also as a potential profession.

Within this training you will be expertly guided and coached every step of the way, covering:
-The Reiki master symbol and it’s deeper meaning, connection to the Kanji and the precepts, and how to use the master symbol in conjunction with the other Reiki symbols.
-How to preform Reiki attunements on others and how to teach Reiki to your students
-How to begin working professionally as a Reiki healer covering topics such as: Business Development, the energetic association of money, how and when to receive clients, where and how to set up your practice, and much more
-A deeper dive into personal meditation practice and your connection to the flow of Reiki (Chi) within and around you
-Methods to detach from the ego and maintain a state of BEING Reiki, not simply DOING Reiki
-All course material, course videos and certification included as well as incorporation into whatsapp/facebook groups for continued support from Reiki Master healers from around the world

Topics for this course

26 Lessons

Welcome to Master Training

Please Watch Prior To Starting The Shinpiden Training00:15:00
Your Reiki Master Manual
Discussion on the Precepts with relation to DKM00:15:35
History of Reiki00:14:32

The meaning of DKM and the importance of this vs the other symbols

DKM and the Hara

All Four Symbols Connected

Letting Go of the I

Duality vs Non Duality

Quiet The Mind, Still The Body

Setting up your Reiki Space

Working with Money

Establishing Your Reiki Business

Receive from others, Don’t always just give

One Modality Among Many

Book Recommendations

Level 3 Attunement

How To Perform Reiki Attunements

Talking All Things Reiki