The Stillness Within – Recognizing Usui Sensei’s Legacy Within Our Practice

Join Bruce Taylor for this upcoming seminar in which he will explore the connection between the fundamental teachings of Usui Sensei and our own approach to our Reiki practice. In this talk, together, we will dive into both the overt teachings of Reiki (those that we are perhaps more familiar with) and then the metaphorical or perhaps more subtle practice of Reiki that Bruce feels is hidden within the initial teachings of Usui Sensei. This will take us on an investigation of the precepts, hand placements, life and time of Usui Sensei, his enlightenment with Reiki and the founding of URR, and much more.

As a teacher at heart, Bruce loves to really dig into the topics he is practicing and really strives to understand them as best he can. One area of exploration that facinates him is the mythology and metaphors found within his practices. Reiki is ripe with context here, but often these deeper investigations are overlooked and he believes that they hint towards a more profound connection to our Reiki practice. He is thrilled to sit down for this, what should be a very lively and enlightening conversation indeed,



Be well and In Gassho