Reiki Master Mentorship

Reiki is a Journey, Not a Destination

I have been practicing Reiki for over 15 years now and if there is one word that I would use to describe the practice it would be:


I am a strong believer that we are not judged as a practitioner by our level or our lineage, but rather, we are respected as a practitioner because of our own depth of knowledge and our own journey with Reiki.  This is a journey of evolution and personal growth.  It is a journey of discovery, of difficulty, and of victory.  It is a road that can be bumpy at times, while other times it is smooth sailing.  Regardless of where you are, it is still a journey and it is still one that revolves around personal evolution.

This is not a journey that you need to take alone.  For those new to Reiki and to seasoned vets alike, I am here to support you.
Everyone needs a teacher.  We all need someone that will walk along side us, will be there to help shine a light when the path forward isn’t clear.  We need help putting things into perspective and charting a path forward.

Is a mentorship a good step for you in your journey with Reiki?  How will this benefit ME?

Mentorship with Bruce Taylor would be a great fit for you if:

  • You are just starting out on your journey with Reiki and are not sure what your next steps would be
  • You have taken your Reiki levels but feel there is a lack of depth in your training or you are wanting to take your training to a deeper level
  • Are interested in rounding out your knowledge in a specific aspect of Reiki (History, Religious Context, Modality Comparisons, etc)
  • Are keen to keep your self practice going, but are having difficulties with motivation or are not seeing tangible outcomes
  • Are not sure how to hold space for clients, what to do in a healing session with others, or how to even get your practice up and off the ground.
  • Want to learn to distance yourself from the ego, to quiet the mind, and surrender into the flow of Reiki
  • Are wanting to really unpack and discover the deeper meaning of the traditional Japanese teachings within Reiki (the symbols, mythology, practice, etc)
  • Aren’t sure how to set up your practice space and the aspects of starting a holistic practice
  • You’ve taken the Master training but what you’ve learned wasn’t clear, your teacher was confusing, or there seems to be gaps in what was taught
  • You just need to know you are not alone on your journey and that you have a teacher and practitioner standing with you as you continue your evolution


Mentorship is held via FOUR One-One LIVE ONE HOUR zoom sessions in which we come together, assess where you are right now with your practice, the direction you want to take, and the path forward.

This is an investment in YOUR practice and it will continue to help you stand out as your evolution and depth with your practice will not only build YOUR confidence in yourself, but also it will allow YOU to let go of personal doubt and resistance within your practice so you will be that much more confident with your clients.



With so many lineages, practice, lines of thought and simply just noise out there in the Reiki world, I needed someone to help me see through all that and really drill down into my own practice.  These sessions have done just that…simply awesome and endless thanks!


I have studied Reiki through to the master level in the United States, but I was looking to learn the knowledge of Reiki as it’s taught in Japan and was drawn to Bruce because of his extensive trainings and lineage from Japan.  He helped me find all the missing pieces to my trainings that my teachers left out and now I feel I’m confident in my practice to call myself a master practitioner.  With gratitude to you and keep doing what you are doing Bruce!


I don’t think our learning with Reiki ever stops, and this is something that Bruce shares in our time together.  I loved that he is constantly both a student and a teacher, so that he can learn and then share with us to really enhance our Reiki practice.  We continue to work together and his support with my practice has been wonderful.  Thank you indeed!


In seeing clients and learning how to hold space for others to heal, I was nervous to start and really didn’t know how to get moving.  I’m so glad that I found Bruce, initially drawn to him because of his background in the medical field in Hong Kong, and I’m happy to say that, with his support, I quickly felt comfortable holding space for others and allowing my Reiki practice the foundation that it needs to get off the ground.