How Strong is Wellness Within Your Firm?

Undoubtedly, holistic wellness plays an integral component in any institution. Indeed, one would be hard-pressed to find a global institution that has yet to embrace and fully incorporate well-being into its corporate ethos.

An institution that places employee wellness and well-being as a driving component of the overall corporate structure will see immediate returns on investment because these efforts will:

 Positively Impact:

  • Employee morale
  • Overall health and wellness within the firm
  • Quality and depth of sleep
  • Employee mental focus and clarity
  • Critical thinking, ingenuity, and creativity
  • Connectivity, both intrapersonal and to the firm
  • Collegial collaboration
  • Personal recognition of the firm as a family

Positively Decrease

  • Employee absenteeism
  • Low morale and individual/group productivity
  • Workplace-related stress
  • Disbalances in work/life balance

Approaching Corporate Wellness Via:


  • Reiki energy healing sessions
  • Group and individual meditation sessions
  • Sound therapy sessions for groups and individuals
  • Non-violent communication workshops and trainings
  • Dynamic and passive breathwork practice
  • Half-Day, Full-Day, and bespoke session options are available

Integrating Wellness Into The Workspace

The institution is only as strong as its weakest employee. My approach to the well-being of your employees seeks to increase the entire firm’s well-being and morale and help catch those who may be struggling.

An example of my services may be as follows:

Morning Grounding Mediations

(25 Minutes)

This short and powerful guided meditation starts the morning off grounded, relaxed, and focused. Clients will use this time to clear their minds and, via guided meditative techniques, can focus on the tasks for the day. This practice increases focus, productivity, and the quality of the final product by allowing employees to become deeply relaxed and focused on the day.

Afternoon Energizing Breathwork

(30 Minutes)

Everyone needs a pick-me-up during the day, namely after one that has been particularly demanding.  A quick, mid-day breathwork session is the perfect shot in the arm to keep employees energized and motivated to tackle the remainder of the day.

After Work
Detachment and Release

(45-60 Minutes)

Concluding the day with a meditation focused on total release and detachment from the day is exceptionally powerful. It allows employees to become centered and balanced. Employees can melt the day away through a slow and gentle meditation and leave feeling completely relaxed and renewed for their evenings. Allowing this moment of calm and release will increase morale and productivity by providing a buffer between their work day and their private life.

Non-violent communication solo and group sessions


Effective communication is the cornerstone of a harmonious work environment – yet effective and non-violent communication is often rarely practiced; let alone incorporated into the work environment.  Non-violent communication coaching helps individuals and groups recognize how to approach communication from a productive and positive angle, thus decreasing the likelihood of misunderstandings and intrapersonal friction down the road.

Daily Private Sessions
and Drop-Ins

(During work hours, exclusive of the above times)

The door will always be open for drop-in Reiki sessions, meditations, and quick stress-release sessions.

  • If an employee is feeling a bit under the weather for the day and they can benefit from a focused Reiki healing treatment to get them back on their feet
  • Perhaps the employee has just received a large project, and they are not sure how to approach it and needs to become focused
  • If an employee is feeling overwhelmed and needs a quiet place to ground and recharge
  • If a group of employees are having a difficult time working together and then need a quiet space to help release anxiety and tension to regain focus
  • If a group of employees are stuck and need to gain greater mental focus in a short amount of time to apply this directly to their task at hand

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